Sign the Hazardous Waste Tracking document (BSD)

Bordereau de Suivi de Déchets = BSD

In order to transport your client's waste, the waste tracking document (BSD) must be signed by you (transporter/carrier) and the client (waste producer).

With Trackdéchets, the signing process is now totally online. You shouldn't have to sign paper BSDs anymore.

You will find all the hazardous waste Tracking documents that you need to sign in the tab : Transport > "A collecter" (=To collect").

During the waste collection, there are two options :

  • Option 1 (for BSDD only): If the waste producer hasn't signed yet, you can make them sign directly on your device by clicking on the blue button "Faire signer l'émetteur". As the carrier, you wil be able to sign after, by clicking on "Signature Transporteur".

  • Option 2 (for all types of BSD) : If the waste producer has already signed the BSD from their own device, you must sign directy by clicking on "Signature Transporteur". Then complete the following form :

  1. The date of the waste collection

  2. Your first name & last name

  3. Click on the blue button "Signature transporteur".

Before signing, please make sure the information about the waste details and its destination is correct, as this information will no longer be editable afterwards.

Sign the Hazardous Waste Tracking document (BSD)

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